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Moreno Cedroni atl Regina Hotel Baglioni.

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Moreno Cedroni atl Regina Hotel Baglioni.

Two Michelin-starred Moreno Cedroni is a chef famous for bringing an avant-garde spirit to Italian cuisine.

From June 25th to 27th at Brunello Lounge & Restaurant, enjoy exceptional dishes of Moreno Cedroni, the two Michelin starred chef who brought an avant-garde spirit of Italian cooking.

Menu highlights will include:

  • Mojito & peanut
  • Albacore tataki quinoa sweet & sour and light broth of Campari and pink pepper
  • Octopus with green vegetables and bread jelly
  • White lasagna with seafood, coconut milk and parsley
  • Stewed fish, shellfish and mollusks with hints of star anise
  • Strawberries with yogurt
  • Funny, violet ice cream, raspberry mousse, streusel with spices
  • Cappuccino mousse


For info and reservations:

Regina Hotel Baglioni
Via Veneto 72, 00187 Roma
Tel +39 06 421111