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Moreno Cedroni at Canova Restaurant.

Moreno Cedroni at Canova Restaurant.

Let yourself be seduced by one of the most talented Italian chef s of recent years.

Two Michelin-starred Moreno Cedroni is a chef famous for bringing an avant-garde spirit to Italian cuisine. On October 11, 12 and 13 he will be at the Canova Restaurant in Luna Hotel Baglioni Venice, winner of the Fogher d’Oro and Gambero Rosso awards.

The Chef will tantalise your palate with an amazing menu:

  • Caipirosa
  • White tuna Tataki and sweet & sour quinoa in a light Campari and pink pepper broth
  • Warm sea bass carpaccio with lime purèe and rocket sauce
  • Tortellini stuffed with melted parmesan,  tomato salsa, balsamico marmalade and raw meat
  • Shellfish stew with a hint of star anise
  • Trifle-style dessert with cream gelato and alchermes liqueur
  • Mini cappuccino mousse


For information and reservations:

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