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“Other Stories” Research & Production at Caffè Baglioni in Milan

“Other Stories” Research & Production at Caffè Baglioni in Milan

A new chapter of “DESIGN THE ITALIAN EXCELLENCE” by Vincenzo Basile is coming to Baglioni Hotel Carlton. A variety of Italian authors coming from different generations develop projects based on different realities.

A thin thread creates a relation between the works of authors Francesco FaccinGiorgio Bonaguro and Alberto Nason, all of which have passed through the studio and atelier of architect Michele de Lucchi in Via Varese in Milan, with very different tasks and assignments, but with in common an opportunity to practice and develop their own capacities and learn from the renowned Italian Master of Contemporary Design.

A next step in discovering various territories and extreme variety of authors of the Italian Contemporary Design.



Research & Production
by Vincenzo Basile for Baglioni Hotels
October 2016 / January 2017

Baglioni Hotel Carlton
Caffè Baglioni
Via Senato 5, Milan