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AMARCORD FOREVER. Homage to Italian Cinema by Inna Rogatchi

Fine art photography collage series in collaboration with Michael Rogatchi

AMARCORD FOREVER. Homage to Italian Cinema by Inna Rogatchi

AMARCORD FOREVER. HOMAGE TO ITALIAN CINEMA is original collection of fine art photography collages featuring the author’s tribute to the great Masters of Italian cinema, from Federico Fellini to Bernardo Bertolucci. 10-piece’ collection of collages is done in collaboration with renowned artist Michael Rogatchi whose original images from both his famous and also new art works are incorporated in his wife’s works.

Inaugural exhibition of AMARCORD FOREVER series will be opened in Venice, at Luna Hotel Baglioni , on August 25th. The exhibition will be on display until September 25th.

The project which continues a fruitful co-operation between The Rogatchi Foundation and the Baglioni Hotels Group, and Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice, is conducted in the occasion of the 69th Venice Film Festival; in recognition of the festival’s attitude – to celebrate the very spirit of Italian cinema and to guard its traditions.

The collection is accompanied by the author highlights, the part from Magic of Love: the Ways of Italian Cinema essay by Dr Inna Rogatchi.

In words of Inna Rogatchi, “As ( Fellini’s) Amarcord is a virtuoso print of tapestry of life, as the best of Italian cinema is a timeless tapestry of human emotions and memories inter-weaved into each other”.

Amarcord Forever is luxury limited edition series of authored pigment digital prints on the fine art cotton paper. The collages are produced in series of 20 numbered prints and are signed by the author.

Inna Rogatchi is internationally acclaimed author and art photographer, whose main interest is a detailed assessment of various aspects of the weaver between culture, history and mentality.
Michael Rogatchi is the world renowned artist who has held more than 70 one-man exhibitions all around the globe, and whose works belong to many distinguished institutions and private collections.
Inna and Michael Rogatchi are co-founders and co-chairpersons of The Rogatchi Foundation, well-known international charity which promotes and supports educational, cultural, historic, spiritual and moral heritage (