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Baglioni Hotels and SailingTheWeb introduce their new LAND&SEA holiday program

Baglioni Hotels and SailingTheWeb introduce their new LAND&SEA holiday program

LAND&SEA is a holiday program that offers all the best our clients might wish, because it joins the hospitality of Baglioni Hotels, and their unmistakable Italian style with the love for sea-life and the extreme care for every detail of SailingTheWeb, the exclusive partner for yacht charters and private cruises.

From the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice to the Croatian Islands, from the Carlton Hotel Baglioni in Milan to Liguria or the French Riviera, from the Regina Hotel Baglioni in Rome to Capri, Ischia, Procida or even further towards the Eolie Islands, from the Hotel Cala del Porto in Punta Ala to Capraia, Montecristo or Giglio. We offer many possible destinations, leaving the final choice to our clients.

LAND&SEA is a unique opportunity for visiting and experiencing Italy, by land and by sea, from a completely new perspective. With just one great limit: our clients’ imagination.

LAND&SEA can be fully experienced with each of our holiday packages. They are all tailor made experiences that can be personally modeled to fit our clients’ dreams.

Leave for a tour discovering the land of Italy. 1 week on a Baglioni Tour in all Baglioni Hotels, in the heart of most beautiful Italian cities, and an additional week on a sailing cruise, discovering the beauties of the Italian coasts and seas.

For those who wish to live the seas for a week, combined with the warm welcoming hospitality of all Baglioni Hotels, before and after the cruise. Baglioni Hotels will apply a 20% discount on the daily rates, and will guarantee room availability and a smallbreakfast.

The most beautiful day of someone’s life will be a truly unforgettable event, thanks to two exceptional partners. Organize a dream wedding, in any Baglioni Hotels, then leave for a romantic honeymoon on a sailboat with SailingTheWeb.

LAND&SEA has been designed, created and organized with the idea of joining together the best by land and the best by sea, to offer our clients an unforgettable experience.

The astonishing beauty of our coastline and our seas, the warm hospitality in one of the Baglioni Hotels Collection estates, whilerediscovering Italy and Italian lifestyle with completely different eyes.
All this is LAND&SEA, all the best at its own best. What can our clients wish more?