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Baglioni Hotels launches ITALIANTALKS

Baglioni Hotels launches ITALIANTALKS

Baglioni Hotels announces the launch of ITALIANTALKS, a new luxury travel blog that will share Italy’s most exclusive events and attractions with travelers worldwide.

ITALIANTALKS is a leading resource for travelers interested in visiting Italy. The blog, edited by an independent editorial staff, is available in English, Italian, French and will feature five areas of interest to travelers, including: Arts & Design, Fashion, Food & Beverage, Music, Events.

The blog is designed to immerse travelers in the culture and tradition of the “BelPaese”, bringing the essence of Italy into the home by creating an essential guide with detailed trends and insights.

Soon it will be launched a section, called Italian Experiences, that will feature special reporting by guest contributors including top Italian and international names who are passionate about Italy, and will share their love for Italy through different and personal interpretation.

“This blog provides us with an opportunity to create an authentic space to showcase the rich traditions and history of Italy” said Guido Polito. “Creating this platform allows contributorsto share unique information and insights with travelers who are looking to forge a deeper connection to Italy”

After realizing the difficulty to collect quality information and suggestions, at the same time useful, efficient and continuously updated for a person organizing a trip to Italy or looking for good quality news about Italian beauty, Baglioni Hotels Group has therefore decided to sponsor the creation of a real bonding with international travelers and Italy passionate and offer selected suggestions for a unique Italian experience.