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Three nights of high quality cuisine at the Regina Hotel Baglioni with Chef Claudio Sadler

Brunello Lounge & Restaurant, Rome to host Milan’s celebrated award winning Chef

Three nights of high quality cuisine at the Regina Hotel Baglioni with Chef Claudio Sadler

The presence of renowned Chef Claudio Sadler, who will be at the service of the Roman public at the Brunello Lounge & Restaurant for a unique and unforgettable gastronomic experience from June 15 -17, further enhances Regina Hotel Baglioni’s exclusive offer.

Chef Claudio Sadler, a two Michelin star holder and recipient of countless awards, stands out as an important reference figure both in the national and international panorama. Esteemed and loved in Italy, Japan and the United States, he is especially appreciated for his re-interpretations of traditional Italian dishes in a modern key resulting in a cuisine that is sure to satisfy the most diverse tastes and palates.

Author of numerous cuisine books and owner of various restaurants – two in Milan and one in Beijing – and a catering service that carries his name, Chef Sadler proposes his own unique and creative cuisine, characterized by constant and careful attention to the promotion of Italian culinary art. His name is included among the restaurants mentioned in “Le Soste”, an association that welcomes only skilled chefs who successfully re-visit and re-elaborate Italian cuisine without betraying its distinctive characteristics.

During the month of June, for three nights, it will be possible to enjoy a refined and creative menu, in an exquisite and elegant setting such as the Brunello Lounge & Restaurant of the Regina Hotel Baglioni: a not to be missed event for high quality gourmet cuisine lovers or anyone who wishes to treat themselves to a special night out in downtown Rome.

This special event, hosted by the famous hotel on Via Veneto will allow participants to appreciate Chef Claudio Sadler’s original, resourceful and enthusiastic personality, who with great care and attention for research and the manipulation of specially selected fresh prime products creates unique menus.

“It’s truly an honor to host the Chef Sadler”, states Marco Milocco, General Manager of the Regina Hotel Baglioni – “he is one of the greatest interpreters of Italian cuisine in the world who is constantly in search of excellence. His creations are inspired by traditional cuisine that has been enriched and improved with innovative trends and techniques without forgetting its philosophy founded on refined taste”.