Baglioni Hotels

Michael Rogatchi on show at Relais Santa Croce

This Charitable Art project between Baglioni Hotels and the Rogatchi Foundation will transform the Relais Santa Croce Hotel in Florence into an Art Gallery.

Michael Rogatchi on show at Relais Santa Croce

Florence, April 12th, 2011 - Wednesday May 5, 2011 will be the opening date of the exhibition with Rogatchi’s Blues – ‘The Life of Two of Us’, a new collection of the prominent international artist Michael Rogatchi at the Relais Santa Croce in Florence, where the exhibition will be on display to guests and visitors until the end of December.

The exhibition is also an opportunity to support two charity projects between the Foundation and Baglioni Hotels. Part of the proceeds will go to charitable activities in support of the Foundation’s Ukrainian orphans, while another part will supportOrphan Aid Africa Onlus, a large project, in partnership with the Government of Ghana, supporting orphans and vulnerable children. In light of recent events, the Rogatchi Foundation has decided as well to allocate an additional part of the proceeds from theInternational Fund to aid support in Japan.

The 22 works including paintings and drawings that make up the exhibition, are dominated by the color blue and its play of lights and contrasts. It is chiefly with this colour the author describes his idea of Florence, a city which he feels deeply attached to, Music as his inspiring muse, and love, a theme ever present in his professional life and work.

The Relais Santa Croce Palace perfectly frames this exhibition and vernissage. The architecture, the stuccos and beautiful frescoes represent the Florence where the artist was inspired, whilst the magnificent Music Hall compliments the themes perfectly conveyed by the works.