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The Brand New Caffè Baglioni in the heart of Milan.

The Brand New Caffè Baglioni in the heart of Milan.

Milan, October 2013 – Following the recent re-design by the Milanese atelier, Rebosio+Spagnulo, the newly refashioned Caffè Baglioni of the Carlton Hotel Baglioni in Milan is even more a hub of design, art and fashion than ever before.

Handmade Italian craftsmanship has enhanced its design with Murano glass chandeliers and unique detailing, including the musical score taken from the work of Italian pianist and composer Daniele Lombardi beautifully displayed in copper yarn on the walls of the Caffè Baglioni. As part of the refashion, Caffè Baglioni is home to “Design Italian Excellence”, Baglioni Hotels’ second site-specific project curated by Vincenzo Basile of Basile Arteco. The exhibit is on display until spring 2014 and features 12 pieces of contemporary Italian art from Masters Ettore Sottsass, Enzo Mari, Ugo La Pietra and the young Italian Designer, Chiara Andreatti.

Guests may also have the opportunity to purchase the projects from the exhibit to fashion their own homes with contemporary Italian art.

“Design the Italian excellence” exhibit is an extension of the previous collaboration “Luxury is not a Waste”, which is housed in the stunning Roman Penthouse of the Regina Hotel Baglioni in Rome. Both projects are reflections of the culture and continous innovation of the Italian design that Baglioni Hotels and Basile Arteco represent, telling the story of quality Italian art and design. The past, present and future of Italy’s excellence in design is captured in each piece, showing the strong links between Italy’s history and contemporary approach to creativity.

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