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View the Uffizi Gallery collection in high resolution digital format exclusively at Relais Santa Croce

In the grand Music Room, Uffizi Touch® showcases amazing visual detail while allowing the viewer to enlarge the images of the 1150 Uffizi Gallery masterpieces

View the Uffizi Gallery collection in high resolution digital format exclusively at Relais Santa Croce

For lovers of art, luxury, detail and history, we invite you to envelope yourself in a digital museum quality experience at the Relais Santa Croce.

Relais Santa Croce is pleased to announce this exclusive offering – “The Uffizi at your Fingertips” service.
Only in the magnificent 5-Star Luxury Relais by Baglioni Hotel, inside the grand Music Room, Uffizi Touch®, the world’s first interactive digital gallery, offers the entire art collection preserved in the Uffizi Gallery, captured in extreme high resolution images. Imagine being able to get closer than ever imagined to world class, some never before seen, masterpieces from the renowned Uffizi; to be able to view up close details of each piece of art that one could never witness with such closeness in a museum setting awaits the guests – no lines, no crowds, open round-the-clock and enjoyed in luxurious and comfortable surroundings. With Uffizi Touch® by Centrica your imagination becomes reality. 

It is an exclusive offering for Relais Santa Croce’s guests in Florence to watch, or ideally possess, the entire collection of masterpieces of one of the most famous museum all over the world. The entire Uffizi Gallery / Vasari Corridor of 1150 paintings, including 100 pieces of hidden and never before seen artwork found in storage, will be showcased and represented in digital high definition (HD) images varying between 40 and 150 megapixel resolution. Guests can customize their viewing itinerary. With Uffizi Touch® you can explore all masterpieces in four different ways: by artist name; by Title; by museum hall; or by historic period and subject

To download Uffizi Touch® App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and to watch in high resolution the Uffizi Collection, click here

About Relais Santa Croce:
In the historic centre of Florence, an eighteenth century residence hosts the exclusive, refined Relais Santa Croce hotel. It is the ideal destination for those seeking the intimacy of a private residence in Florence. The hotel restaurant, Guelfi e Ghibellini, offers innovative, seasonal regional menus. Furthermore, situated within the same building as the Relais Santa Croce is the Enoteca Pinchiorri, a three-star Michelin restaurant.

Relais Santa Croce belongs to Baglioni Hotels Group since 1974, and today has 9 hotels in Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence, Punta Ala (Tuscany) and Rome), France (Aix-en-Provence, Champillon-Epernay, Saint Paul de Venice) and UK (London).