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Discover the art of wine with Baglioni Hotels

One-of-a-kind adventure in the discovery of the art of vinification in partnership with major Italian wine labels Baglioni Hotels celebrates Made in Italy hospitality by proposing to its guests and to all wine lovers, the Filari Experience, a unique opportunity to learn the ancient rhythms of our Mother Earth.

Discover the art of wine with Baglioni Hotels

A journey that takes you from the vineyards to the bottled wines, with tours and unique experiences in the prestigious wine cellars of the major Italian wine districts: Grinzane Cavour (Piedmont) with La Spinetta Campè, Terricciola (Tuscany) with La Spinetta Casanova, Franciacorta with the label Cà del Bosco, Valpolicella with Masi – Serego Alighieri, Montalcino (Tuscany) with Marchesi de Frescobaldi.
This full immersion in Italian wine traditions will be personalized according to the participants’ preferences in order to create a tailor made trip that is typical of Baglioni Hotels hospitality: from a week-end in Tuscany and Veneto to the Filari experiences of a 3 weekend minimum in Lombardy, Piedmont or Tuscany.

Marchesi de Frescobaldi proposes a “Weekend in Tuscany with the Marchese”. The Marchese himself will escort the participants through his property in Castelgiocondo. The experience will start with a visit to the Sangiovese vineyard and a description – by the oenologist – of the vineyard where the homonymous Brunello is being produced. After an aperitif on the stunning terrace overlooking the vineyards, the guests will meet the Marchese who will be their guide in a visit to the cellar visit and a wine tasting directly from the barrique. Finally, an elegant personalized tray will be offered as a souvenir along with 120 bottles of Brunello Castel Giocondo, Lamaione and Brunello Riserva, the latter personally signed by the Marchese.
Cost of the experience: starting from 8,625 Euros.
In Veneto, guests will explore Valpolicella with a journey through history discovering Dante Alighieri’s wine. The direct descendants of the Divine Writer will accompany the guests through the peaceful land where Dante lived. With the visits to the Masi and Serego Alighieri wine cellars, the participants can be enlightened by their world renowned expertise in the exclusive Withering process through tours of the cellars and one-of-a-kind tastings. During this visit, the guests will be guided in a historical journey narrated by the descendants of this noble lineage, Count Pieralvise and his daughter Massimilla.
After exploring the unique terroirs that give birth to these noble wines, the weekend will conclude with a cooking class taught by a renowned Chef who will show how to prepare the famous “risotto all’Amarone”, based on the Vialone Nano rice, typical of the Verona valley. At the conclusion of the vinification and ageing process the participants will receive 120 bottles of Amarone Vaio Armaron.

Cost of the experience: starting from 7,360 Euros
Cà del Bosco will host wine lovers for 3 weekends dedicated to the sparkling Franciacorta. The first weekend will start by choosing a row of grapevines, followed by a tour of the cellar and guided tastings with sommeliers or oenologists who will explain vinification secrets. A romantic dinner in a 3 Star Michelin restaurant will delight the most refined palate.
During the second weekend, the participants will be guided through the beauty of the Franciacorta: from the excitement of harvesting grapes from their own chosen row to a romantic excursion on the lake aboard a prestigious, private Riva boat.
This experience will conclude, on the third weekend, with a taste of Italian cuisine and suggestions on the best wine pairings to the traditional, delicious dishes of the region. The grand finale will be the handing over of the 300 personalised bottles of Cuvée Annamaria Clementi.

Cost of the experience: starting from 31,050 Euros
La Spinetta, thanks to the presence of its cellars in Italy, will take the guests through a discovery of the main Italian wine districts: from the Barbera of La Spinetta cellar, through the Barolo of Campè La Spinetta and finishing with the Chianti of Riserva Casanova La Spinetta. The participants will be offered the opportunity to choose their own row of grapevines in the magnificent Langhe or Chianti hills and for a while the Cellar will become their home where they will feel as if they were winemakers, will feel the emotions of holding in their hands the grapes that they just picked, inhale their aroma, follow the advice of the agronomist during the various ageing steps until finally they will have their own barrique and a small cellar of 300 bottles that they will have followed through the entire production process.

Cost of the experiences:
Barbera Bionzo La Spinetta: starting from 11,688 Euros
Barolo Campè La Spinetta: starting from 39,660 Euros
Chianti Riserva La Spinetta: starting from 8,350 Euros
Thanks to the partnership between Baglioni Hotels, Mediaeventi and the Italian Wine labels, the guests will be able to develop a total connection with nature, share a memorable adventure with their loved ones and at the end, keep or give as a gift the products of this extraordinary journey.
The Filari experience will be even more unique with a stay at a Baglioni Hotel where the guests will be welcomed to true Italian hospitality in addition to discovering the fruits of the land. The Carlton Hotel Baglioni in Milan, the Relais Santa Croce in Florence and the Luna Hotel Baglioni in Venice, the Baglioni Hotels Collection properties that are closer to the cellars, can host the participants of these adventures and also guide them in the discovery of the most beautiful art cities in Italy.