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Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci

Discover the works of Italy’s most famous genius on the 500th anniversary of his death.

500th anniversary Leonardo da Vinci in Milan
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Italian Art and Culture

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most iconic figures of the Italian renaissance. A painter, engineer and scientist, he was a true polymath, with talents ranging from sculpture and architecture to music, anatomy and palaeontology. He spent around 20 years in Milan, leaving his mark in many ways. Join a knowledgeable guide for a spellbinding cultural tour that will transport you back to the days of Duke Ludovico Sforza. You will visit one of Leonardo’s most famous works – the celebrated mural painting of the Last Supper – and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, one of the most important museums in the whole of Italy. Here, besides masterpieces by countless exceptional artists from Titian to Caravaggio, there are also Leonardo’s Portrait of a Musician and the Codex Atlanticus, a collection of 1,750 of his scientific and technical drawings. Then choose to enrich your tour by visiting at your leisure other places with a Leonardo connection, such as Atellani Apartments, museum and private home which links Milanese renaissance history charm to contemporary design, and where Leonardo da Vinci’s vineyard was reborn, a gift that Ludovico il Moro gave to the artist. Otherwise, you can choose to visit the Leonardo da Vinci Parade, a fascinating new exhibition in the Science and Technology museum curated to mark the 500th anniversary of the maestro’s death. Retrace Milan’s places that have most marked Leonardo’s artistic and cultural growth path, as part of the celebrations for the 500 years from his death.


For info and reservations:
Ph. 039 02 36661960

The experience includes

  • A 3 hour guided tour including a visit to Leonardo’s Last Supper and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana gallery A third visit at your leisure, among the following:
  • Atellani Apartments and Leonardo da Vinci vineyard
  • Tickets to see the Leonardo da Vinci Parade exhibition

Terms and Conditions

  • The experience is only offered in combination with an accommodation booking.
  • Tickets for the Last Supper are very limited and subject to availability. Advance booking is required.
  • Cancellation policy: tickets for the Last Supper are not refundable: following Guest confirmation, the Last Supper entrance tickets have to be paid, they cannot be cancelled nor reimbursed.
  • Booking has to be cancelled at least 72 hours before the experience is scheduled to start.