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Chocolate Tasting Experience

Be tempted by the local artisans’ finest chocolate treats in this sumptuous guided tasting!

Chocolate Tasting Experience in Venice
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Italian Food
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Savour a journey through the history of this epicurean delight, with the delicacies created by Viziovirtù, an artisanal chocolate maker in the heart of the Serenissima, between the Rialto and St Mark’s Square. Europeans learned of the cocoa bean in 1502, courtesy of Christopher Columbus, and chocolate was introduced into the continent later by the Spanish friars. The first “coffee shops” sprang up in Venice in the 18th century, where chocolate also became a popular beverage of choice. Thus began the long and celebrated tradition of the Venetian master chocolatiers, who have been using all their skill and experience to create superb quality products ever since.

The experience includes

  • A guided tasting experience at the Viziovirtù artisan chocolate shop

Terms and Conditions

  • The experience is only offered in combination with an accommodation booking (various types of room are available)
  • Minimum stay: 2 nights