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Exploring astronomy – A journey to the stars

Observe the supermoon and the gaseous giants, Saturn and Jupiter by telescope.

Astronomy experience

Savour a stellar experience among the stars. You’ll embark on a voyage of discovery of the firmament in the stunning natural setting of Tavolara Marine Protected Area just north of San Teodoro in Sardinia.

Deep in this unspoilt, enchanting country, the Baglioni Resort Sardinia is superbly placed for stargazing, with minimal light pollution.

Join the experts from Astronomitaly on a unique experience, as the Resort becomes the stage for 8 astronomy events hosted from June to September 2022. Marvel at the constellations through a professional telescope, listen to the stories from your knowledgeable guides, and discover a deeper significance of the stars and the heavens.

Highlights range from the planets Jupiter and Saturn to the Moon and its craters via the fabulous double stars Mizar and Albireo, the Ring Nebula and the Hercules Globular Cluster.

Here are all the dates for the astronomy events.

7–8 June 2022: Discovering the deep sky
Star of the show will be the waxing Moon, visible at 40–50% luminosity. The shadows cast by the sun on its craters create a magnificent play of colour and light.

12–13 July 2022: The supermoon
Witness the spectacle of 2022’s largest supermoon. During these evenings, the full Moon will be at its closest point to Earth and will appear larger and brighter.

7–8 August 2022: On a quest for shooting stars with Jupiter and Saturn
Along with the waxing moon, taking centre stage at this event will be Jupiter and Saturn, the two gaseous giants of our solar system. On 7 August in particular, your telescope will reveal the crescent Moon in conjunction with the star Antares.

5–6 September 2022: The gaseous giants
Gaze through your telescope at the planets Jupiter and Saturn. These are our solar system’s two gaseous giants, made almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. The Moon will be 70% full, and you can also admire the spectacular stars Fomalhaut and Capella plus the famous constellation of Pleiades, a brilliant cluster of stars that shine bright blue.

Each event starts at around 9.30 pm and runs for about 2 hours, to include:

  • an initial briefing
  • stargazing with 2 motorised telescopes

Take a guided tour of the night sky. It’s a voyage of discovery you’ll never forget.


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