A special Family Kit is waiting for you

Discover Palazzo Vecchio
Palazzo Vecchio offers families a special turtle-kit in Italian, English and French, with several useful tools for the visit: a map to orientate and a binocular to observe, a photo album of the Medici Family, hats with feathers and small crowns to make your children feel like kings and princesses, a lot of pastel to draw and imagine new symbols and stories.

Among the tours the you can book:

The Story of the Turtle and the Sail (from 6 year olds): the Duke Cosimo had a particular inclination for the turtle with a sail, ever-present in the rooms of his Palace. And that’s a small turtle that tells children an ancient story of children and turtles, of speed and slowness, of prudence and wisdom. At the end of the story children will participate to the “turtle with a sail hunting” in the areas of Palazzo Vecchio.

Life at Court (from 6 year olds): One upon a time, in the Sixteenth Century, Palazzo vecchio was the residence of the Medici family. Crossing the museum’s room, visitors will not only appreciate the beauty of the Reggia but they will imagine as well the sumptuous banquets in the Sala Grande and the bloomed terraces that seemed gardens. At the end of the guided visit children can wear a cape or an overcoat, shoes and hats of the Sixteenth century and enjoy yourself playing with some princes’ toys.

Palazzo Vecchio (only 10 minutes walk from Relais Santa Croce)
Piazza della Signoria