A must see for children and families

The London Zoo is the oldest scientific zoo in the world and is located between Camden Town and Regent’s Park on almost 220 acres.

The zoo’s architecture, composed of pavilions and buildings, is a tourist attraction, a testament to Great Britain’s colonial expansion.
It is home to a total of fifteen thousand animals from more than seven hundred species and includes many different thematic areas.

From the Children’s Zoo, where children can meet animals up close and personal, to the Gorilla Kingdom, an ambitious project that respects the strictest laws on environmental and animal protection, to the magnificent Butterfly Paradise: there are no lack of options!

Considering the size of the structure and the quality of the areas to visit, we recommend planning your visit in advance by checking out the zoo’s website.

London Zoo (20 minutes by car from Baglioni Hotel London)
Outer Circle c/o Regent’s Park
London, NW1 4RY