A magic place where the youngest get close to astronomy

Civico Planetario Ulrico Hoepli
The Planetarium, inaugurated in 1930, is the largest in Italy and it is located in Porta Venezia Gardens, one of the Milanese favorite spot to relax and enjoy sunny days.
The Planetarium faithfully reproduces the night sky and the main astronomical phenomenon. Children are always welcome, indeed the Planetarium is known for its excellent educational outreach, and a lot of activities dedicated to children over 8 years old are carried out all year long. These activities consist in shows where different narration techniques along with stories and myths are used to explain the secrets of the universe to the youngest.

Civico Planetario “Ulrico Hoepli” (only 10 minutes walk from Baglioni Hotel Carlton)
c/o Giardini Pubblici “Indro Montanelli”
c.so Venezia, 57 – 20121 Milan