Suggested for 2-6 year olds

Forbidden not to touch
From January 22 to September 15 2016 at Rotonda della Besana, in Milan.

“Forbidden not to touch” is a playful exhibition set to discovery, the wonder and the tactile and visual experience. Few rules and a lot of freedom of movement to discovery Bruno Munari’s world. Children, togheter with their families, can explore the different installations with all the body, living an experience unique and suggestive: touch, manipulate, make up, break up, experience are part of the learning process typical of childhood.

The exhibition is composed by four topic of experience: The magic boxes, Touchwith the eyes and see with the hands, Più e meno game, The meadowland of the Pre-books. A playful exhibitionin which children, togheter with their families,can explore all the installation to discover the workd of the artist. The exhibition provide workshops for older children and training for adults.

Rotonda della Besana (only 20 minutes far from Baglioni Hotel Carlton)
Via Enrico Besana 12
20121 Milan