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Pâtisserie Béchard

On 12 Cours Mirambeau Aix-en-Provence lies Béchard, the oldest pastry shop of the city.

Opened in 1870, it is a must-see for all gourmet lovers. Georges Touzet, an incredibly talented pastry chef, prepares true and genuine sweet “gems” each new day.

Candied fruit, chocolates, coated pralines, pastries, and the famous “callissons aixoises” (a typical dessert of the Provence usually shaped as a boat) are proudly displayed on the shop’s counter.

Customers are served by courteous and professional shop clerks decked in neat uniforms, while at the cash register you will find Madame Béchard, the proud heiress of a family tradition nearly a century and a half long.
Pâtisserie Béchard
12 cours Mirabeau
13100 Aix en Provence – FRANCE
Tél. +33 4 42 26 06 78