Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice


Klizia stood out for her level of responsibility at the numerous groups and events held in August. She worked outside her normal working hours to complete every difficult, countless last-minute request. Klizia came to work of her own volition, even on days off, and skipped breaks to ensure that every detail was perfect. She has demonstrated great professionalism and passion, working in teams at events, which has been highly successful. She has gained full customer satisfaction and excellent results in terms of revenue groups and MICE.


Baglioni Hotel Regina, Rome


Giuseppe has truly stood out this month, conveying all the warmth, availability and affection to our guests that characterizes our Italian nature.

The Alotieschans, guests of FHR, sent a card expressing their satisfaction in which Giuseppe was thanked for his fantastic service. They felt he gave them a real Italian experience through careful presentation of the buffet breakfast, as well as noting his personalized advice on what to see in Rome.


Baglioni Hotel Carlton, Milan


Following the Head Barman’s resignation, Cesare and the Senior Barman, Franco, were able to continue the bar operation. They substituted the responsibilities of the manager for about three months during the staff review and inclusion process of the eventual new staff member;

In recent months they have worked with a strong sense of responsibility: they have supported not only the Head of Department, but have also helped to complete the Budget for the months of April, May and June. They have always worked to guarantee a high level of quality, with positive team spirit. They are always present for the evening shifts, flexible with their working hours and skip breaks if needed, and intervene promptly to solve any type of problem.