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Ca’ Rezzonico – Museo del Settecento Veneziano

Regarded as one of Venice’s most beautiful buildings, Ca’ Rezzonico is home to the Museum of Eighteenth Century Venice.

Museum construction began in 1649, on the commission of the powerful Rezzonico family, and saw the involvement of Venice’s most important painters from that era who created the internal décor, such as the splendid frescoed ceilings by Gianbattista Tiepolo.

The museum boasts valuable Flemish tapestries, Canaletto canvases, frescoes by Tiepolo, a vast collection of works by Piero Longhi, eighteenth century porcelain ware, sculptures and invaluable items of furniture.

The Brustolon Room is home to one of the most extraordinary Murano glass chandeliers to remain intact to this day, while the Nuptial Allegory Room proudly presents one of Tiepolo’s most spectacular frescoes.
Ca’ Rezzonico – Museo del Settecento Veneziano
Fondamanta Rezzonico, 3136
30123 Venice – Italy
Tel. +39 041 2410100