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Museo Correr

The Correr Museum was founded with the donations of Venetian nobleman Teodoro Correr, and is located in the Napoleonic Wing of Piazza San Marco’s Procuratie in Venice.

Its original location at Palazzo Correr soon became inadequate to accommodate the growing number of collections, thus the Museum moved to its present location in 1898.

When considering the museum’s key pieces, the works of Giovanni Bellini are certainly worthy of mention (the Transfiguration, the Crucifixion of San Salvador and the Dead Christ Supported by Angels), as are the works of Carpaccio (Portrait of Man with Red Beret and Two Venetian Ladies), and is the important collection of Venetian views and plants (15th – 19th century).

The vas collection of works by Antonio Canova stands out among the sculptures.

The itinerary examines Venetian art and history, through sumptuous rooms with frescoes and original furnishings, where visitors can admire paintings and sculptures as well as period costumes, everyday objects, weapons and items highlighting the splendour and moments of grandeur of the Most Serene Republic, such as the room dedicated to the Battle of Lepanto.

Museo Correr
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