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Tonolo Patisserie

A historic patisserie in the heart of Venice, Tonolo has been delighting the palates of Venetians and tourists alike with its delicacies for over a century.

Located on Calle San Pantalon, it is a meeting place for true Venetians who meet here for coffee and cake.

The Pasticceria Tonolo is particularly known for its traditional cakes and for the special cakes it prepares for the main Italian festivities, such as the Easter focaccia and Carnival frittole (a type of doughnut).

But never fear, these cakes are available all year round!

Don’t miss the experience of biting into a fragrant and perfumed frittola with chantilly cream filling as it is unlikely that you will find a better one anywhere.

Pasticceria Tonolo
3764, Dorsoduro
30123 Venice - Italy
Tel. +39 041 5237209