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Cenerentola was opened in 1989 in Calle dei Saoneri, in the San Polo Sestriere in Venice, by Lidiana Vallongo. She inherited the family tradition of the ancient lace technique that is typical of the Burano Island.

She was initially interested in the restoration of ancient lace which she patiently repaired with linen threads.

Afterwards, she started using these precious fabrics to create extravagant lamps. Each lamp is therefore completely unique and is created utilising the peculiar “a cartiglio” shape which allows the light to pass over and under the structure, highlighting its embroidery.

Cenerentola also offers fabrics and antique dresses that have been perfectly restored
and a wide range of Burano lace.
Calle dei Saoneri 2718, S. Polo
30125 Venezia – Italia