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Located in Palazzo Regina Vittoria, in Calle dei Fuseri in Venice, Pot-Pourrì is an elegant clothing and home furnishings boutique.

Famous Italian and foreign brands, including Scapa, Fabiana Lippi, Sofie D’Hoore, Hervé Chapelier, Jeckerson or Marco Masseti, are only some of those that are accurately selected to offer clothes and accessories of classic elegance but with a contemporary twist.

This is accompanied by a high quality handcraft collection, including outer garments, trousers, knitwear and accessories.

A refined atelier for wedding dresses and cerimonial suits is also available.

In line with the clothes collection, the selection of home furnishing articles is inspired by a style which joins classic to modern and contemporary lines, with products by Scapa Home, Le Bel Aujourd’hui, Chehoma, Bougies la Francaise, Goodwill, and Katrin Leuze.

Palazzo Regina Vittoria
Ramo dei Fuseri 1810
30124 Venezia – Italia
Tel. +39 041 5221332