An absolutely exclusive collaboration has begun between Baglioni Hotels & Resorts and the Maison Comte de Montaigne, a winemaker from the Aube region that has been producing the world’s favourite fizz for centuries. The collection of Baglioni properties is holding a series of initiatives where the elegant mineral notes of the Comte Champagnes take centre stage.

The top Baglioni bartenders have vied to invent fifteen new Signature Champagne cocktails in a challenge of creativity and technical mastery. The winner, as decreed by an expert jury, was the Stregato cocktail – made with Strega, Biancosarti and flavoured with basil – by the Baglioni Hotel Regina, Rome.

The Baglioni chefs’ inspired gourmet reworkings of the local culinary traditions will be accompanied by the maison’s wines. The Brut, Extra-Brut, Rosé, Blanc de Blancs and Cuvée Speciale (100% Pinot Noir) will complement the Signature dishes on the collection’s restaurant menus.

Guests at the Baglioni Hotel Luna Venice can enjoy the Signature dish On the Moon paired superbly with the Cuvée to set off the flavours of the cod fried in cuttlefish ink for a stellar all-round dining experience. Meanwhile, Comte Champagne becomes an integral part of the Signature risotto at the Baglioni Relais Santa Croce, Florence.

To celebrate our constant pursuit of excellence, guests in each Baglioni Hotels & Resorts suite will receive a bottle of the Brut. This gift can only add to the exclusive cachet of their stay, where attention to detail, exquisite eating and personalised service are at the heart of our bespoke Italian hospitality.


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