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Baglioni Hotels Life – Employee Feedback Q4

Baglioni Hotels Life – Employee Feedback Q4

2017 has been an important year, full of changes and innovations that have influenced our working realities; We would like to thank each of you for actively contributing through your feedback to the continuous improvement of our working life. Below you will find some examples of the proposals implemented during the last year:

  • ° Institution Newsletter
  • ° “Best of the Month” Institution and Recognition
  • ° On line payroll
  • ° Friends & Family rate
  • ° Renewed canteen space
  • ° Celebration among colleagues of special occasions, such as birthdays, promotions, births

and so much more…


Employee Feedback Q4:

Start: To introduce Informal meetings with the General Manager to share ideas of improvisation from employees and for the GM to share upcoming projects. The waiting for these meetings should be team members from different departments and meetings should be held on a monthly basis. (Donato Bottiglieri, Head Concierge)
Do better: Staff Changing Rooms / Toliets. We require big improvements as well as improved facilities. we should invest some money to make them more accommodating for staff. (Jacopo Pesacana, Room Service waiter)

Stop: Contact a single major supplier for the procurement of maintenance material, instead of turning to small suppliers, so as to simplify procurement and payments. (Gennaro Antignano- Manutentore)
Do better: Extend communication about business objectives and results: other than the heads of departments, inform also the rest of the staff (Sara Massone- Guest Relation)

Stop: Eliminate the “double face” sign for two different services and provide two different cards instead: rooms “do not disturb” and “redo the room” with different colours eg red and green, to avoid misunderstandings with guests. (Laura Pacini – 2nd Housekeeper)

Do better:
° Improve the catering service for staff (simpler and healthier foods) (Laura Pacini – 2nd Housekeeper)
° Improve coverage / signal for credit card transactions. Often the customer has to get up to type in the PIN. (Giuseppe Negrini – Barman)

Organise training meetings with the Administration for new hires on calculating commissions, deposits and credit notes so as to reduce errors (Giulia Leone – Receptionist)
Stop: Stop watering the plants manually in Via Liguria, leaving the garrison uncovered and installing a small automatic irrigation system. (Massimiliano Forni – Doorman)
Do better: Improve the canteen to make it more welcoming and comfortable, as well as the changing rooms. (A. D’Alessandro – HR Coordinator)

Team building activities between departments in the Head Office (Natalia, Linda, Vanessa)
Do better: Organise training group courses (eg: English and office package) (Patrizia Faedo)