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Baglioni Hotels Life – One Improvement Service 2017

Baglioni Hotels Life – One Improvement Service 2017

During 2017 the One Improvement Service project was launched, which saw the implementation of new services that expressed Italianness. A special thanks goes to all the teams who have contributed to this project, suggesting ideas and committing themselves to their realization.

This year, among all the hotels, the services most appreciated by our Guests have been selected, and these will be implemented transversely within the Company.
The Best One Improvement Service 2018 are:

° Create indelible memories – the reception will think of a particular touch for guests.
° Kerbside check-in for incoming Guests who have booked the transfer through the Hotel.
° Check-in at the bar / guest lounge for high-rate guests.
° All guests arriving before 11am will be offered a good Espresso.

° Offer a relaxing bath to the Suite & Top Suite customers.
° Personalised ticket by the Housekeeper in all rooms in the Guest’s language, with the aim of presenting themselves and thus giving the Guests the opportunity to inform them personally of any requests and preferences.

° A cup of ice-cream will be offered to customers waiting for the room.
° After dinner or lunch the guest will receive gifts of handmade desserts by the Chef.
° “Tailor-Made F&B” – At breakfast, lunch or dinner, the dining room staff will ask guests what they would like to eat or drink that they did not find on the menu, with the aim of personalising the restaurant experience and retaining the guest.