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Best of the month – January 2018

Best of the month – January 2018

Outstanding examples of people who embody our values.

Laura Lanza – Group & Events Coordinator, Baglioni Hotel Luna, Venice - Best for responsibility
Laura Lanza, in the month of January, on the occasion of the early motherhood of the colleague Giulia, Group & Events Coordinator, spontaneously remained in the office well beyond the working hours in the last weeks and gave up a day of vacation planned in advance, in order to cover the absence of the colleague. On this occasion she showed a great willingness and sense of responsibility, supporting the office, as well as carrying out her usual activities as a sales coordinator.

Paola Menichelli – Commis Breakfast, Baglioni Hotel Regina, Rome
Paola is distinguished by the care for her guests during the interaction with them making them feel at home, remembering their preferences and tastes, giving advice and creating a joyful and friendly relationship. A recent example, is what happened with Mr. Di Nuccio who was so surprised by the fact that Paola, after a few weeks remember their preferences at breakfast, so much so as to report it to the management through the comment card. Paola is always characterized by her sensitivity, the warmth with which she welcomes our guests, availability and sincere affection.

Luigi Lanaro -  Concierge Baglioni Hotel Carlton, Milan - Best for responsibility
During the last LQA inspection, he was appointed “outstanding employee” by the inspector for handling a negative (missing couverture) episode, apologizing, immediately proposing a solution and doing a follow up.

Uelinton Barbosa -  Room Service Waiter, Baglioni Hotel, London - Best for passion
He is taking feedback from the guests very seriously and is making sure each guest gets the amenities that they really like even if he has to do it himself. He even went to buy something for a guest from his own pocket this month to make sure she would receive it on time. His special attention to guests makes him a great employee.