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A small hamlet of the town of GrossetoMontepescali is a medieval village around 50 km away from Punta Ala.

Known as “the Balcony of the Maremma” due to its unique geographical position, its breathtaking panorama spans the entire coast and the Tuscan Archipelago as far as Corsica.

But most of all, Montepescali is worth visiting for its architecture, buildings and towering city walls.

The Church of Saints Stephen and Lawrence (13th century) with its Roman-Gothic architecture and the Romanesque church of St. Nicholas (XI-XII century), with its magnificent frescoes from the Florentine and Sienese schools and 15th century altarpiece by the Sienese artist Matteo di Giovanni, are two of the hamlet’s most beautiful buildings.

Be sure to visit the three-pointed 16th century Bulwark, a great example of military architecture, with its wonderful views over the surrounding landscape.

58100 Grosseto – Italy