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The Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano, Punta Ala

The Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano, Punta Ala

The Rock Park is situated in the fascinating rock cave that was created to fill the voids of the mine. It is the official entrance to the Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano, as the parking areas, ticket office and bookshop can be found here.

There is also the Mining Museum, which goes over the story of the mine of Gavorrano inside an equipped gallery with modern multimedia devices and the Theatre of the Rocks, a wonderful structure and amphitheatre which hosts cultural and musical events, including the traditional summer concert of Andrea Boccelli.

The Ravi Marchi area is the seat of some mining headframes and the plants for the first manufacturing of pyrites. A didactic itinerary inside the area allows the visitor to understand the path that this mineral took from the subsoil to the moment it was loaded on transporation which led to the factories were it was transformed.

Inside the Naturalistic Mining Park of Gavorrano there are some very interesting naturalistic areas, including the Basins of San Giovanni and the Calvo Mountain, the highest peak in the municipality, a zone of very high value which was included in the Sites of Community Importance (SIC) censed by the Tuscany Region.

Parco Minerario Naturalistico di Gavorrano
Località I Bagnetti
58023, Gavorrano (GR)
Tel. +39 800915777