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Cornate and Fosini Nature Reserve, Punta Ala

Cornate and Fosini Nature Reserve, Punta Ala

This is an important area for local fauna and flora where visitors can observe rare examples of peregrine and Lanner falcons, as well as fallow deer, porcupines and roe deer, and where there are many fascinating endemic botanical species, such as the Etruscan Violet, fritillaries (mission bells) and indigenous hypericum.

Thanks to the total absence of light pollution, the reserve is regarded as an excellent site for astronomy buffs.

The grounds also feature the Fosini Castle, which dates to around 1100, an ancient silver mine, and the Rosso Ammonitico quarries, where a typical red marble was mined, the same marble used in Siena Cathedral’s pinkish floor.

Riserva Naturale Cornate e Fosini
Tour begins at the Casa Gerfalco Visitor Centre
Località Gerfalco
58026 Montieri (GR), Italy