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Enosteria Il Bacchino

Located in the centre of Massa Marittima, Il Bacchino overlooks the beautiful main square, and seats 40-45 diners.

The fare is based on local products. Starters include excellent pecorino cheeses, aged for varying periods of time, a selection of salamis and cold meats and Collonata Lard topped with pickled candied fruit.

Why not try the Zuppa di Farro (spelt soup) and the Tagliatelle fresche con Cinta Senese e pomodoro fresco (Fresh tagliatelle with pork and fresh tomatoes), followed by the now rarely found Cinghiale al dolceforte – wild boar with pine nuts, sultanas and cocoa prepared according to an original Renaissance recipe or Peposa, a historic Tuscan dish with meat, wine and pepper.

The restaurant shop stocks gourmet delights and local products, as well as more than 800 different wines.

Enosteria Il Bacchino
Via Moncini, 8
58024 Massa Marittima (GR), Italy
Tel. +39 0566 940 229