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La Taverna Etrusca

La Taverna Etrusca is located in a 13th century building in Piazza del Pretorio in the beautiful medieval village of Sorana.

Expert renovation of this building has brought back to life its original ambience with wooden beams, terracotta floors and ample vaults.

The kitchen relies on the ingredients of traditional Maremma cuisine, to which it adds modern cooking methods in two main categories: Km Zero and SlowFood for traditional dishes, and creative cuisine, always based on local products, but which “dares” to experiment with new flavours and combinations.

The menu includes dishes such as Filetto di Cinta Senese stagionato con spuma di stracchino di Sorano su letto di germogli misti or (Cured Senese pork fillet with Sorano Stracchino mousse on a bed of mixed sprouts) or Insalata di baccalà norvegese in tre salse (Norwegian salt-cod salad in three sauces) or even Mezze Tagliatelle con anguilla sfumata di Orbetello, dadolata di melanzane e pomodoro (Mezze tagliatelle with stewed Orbetello eel, diced aubergines and tomato) or Acquacotta con uovo di quaglia (Vegetable soup with quail eggs).

The wine list proposes mostly Maremma, Tuscan, and Italian wines as well as a selection of French Champagnes and wines from Austria, France, Portugal, Spain, and Hungary.

Piazza del Pretorio, 16 – Sovana
58010 Sorano (GR), Italy
Tel. 0564 616531