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Antica Sartoria di Maremma

For more than a decade, the Antica Sartoria di Maremma has been creating Men’s and Women’s collections, selecting elegant fabrics and fibres that stand the test of time.

The creations of the Antica Sartoria Maremmana express a bond between Man and Nature, for those who feel equally comfortable in a busy urban centre, strolling through the woods or riding through the countryside on horseback.

A Country-Chic style that recalls the gentlemen (and gentlewomen) from the country, enamoured of their own land and looking for a comfortable yet elegant look.

Each garment is hand-tailored and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Antica Sartoria di Maremma
Via del Colle
58054 Scansano (GR), Italy
Tel. 0564 503029