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Ara Pacis Museum

The Ara Pacis Augustae in Campo Marzio is an altar dedicated to the Goddess of Peace by the Emperor Augustus and a symbol of the peace and prosperity achieved in that period.

Decorated with Alexandrine friezes and strips, the altar also has two lateral panels, the Lupercal Panel and Aeneas’ sacrifice to the Penates.

The Ara Pacis is contained in a protective building made of steel, travertine marble, glass and stucco, and is the first major architectural intervention in Rome since Fascist times.

This type of showcase, designed by architect Richard Meier, is still at the centre of a heated debate between leading art critics who appreciate its form and functionality and art critics who condemn the work’s excessive modernity in the historic and architectural context of central Rome.

Museo Ara Pacis
Lungotevere in Augusta (corner of via Tomacelli)
00100 Rome
Telephone +39 060608