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Museo Mario Praz

Museo Mario Praz is located within Palazzo Primoli, in Rome’s Via Zanardelli. This museum house is a fine example of a private residence that has been conserved unchanged since the death of its owner, the renowned Florentine Anglicist, essayist and critic, and collector of 19th century art and furniture.

The collection counts English neoclassical furniture, French bronzed, Russian malachites, bohemian crystals, German porcelain ware, paintings and watercolours of many Italian and European cities, as well as portraits of powerful people and rulers, from the House of Bourbon to Bonaparte.

The rooms are furnished in a style that spans from the neoclassical period through to the Biedermeier period of the mid 1800s, in a medley of genres that bear witness to an extremely broad interest.

Furniture, rugs, paintings, curtains and silver ware adorn every room in fine detail.

Point of interest: in some rooms you may notice certain objects that are also depicted in the paintings. Take, for example, the Erard harp, which is to be found next to a painting in which it is depicted.

Museo Mario Praz
Via Zanardelli, 1
00186 Rome – Italy
Tel. +39 06 6861089