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Somo Restaurant

Somo is an elegant Japanese and fusion restaurant in Rome that successfully combines Oriental and Mediterranean cuisines by gathering and elaborating the flavours of Japanese cuisine in all its forms and expressions. 
The restaurant was designed by architect Elena Piulats, who expertly recreated an international atmosphere in refined detail.

The Japanese furniture harmoniously fits into the historic Trastevere location.
The natural materials have been combined with effective use of cutting-edge technologies.

Three rooms each with a different ambience, created with pleasant contrasts of light and shadow: lounge, tatami room and restaurant room.

The impressive wine list of predominantly domestic vintages from all around Italy.
Of particular interest are the various herbal that are served, perfect after a meal.

Ristorante Somo
Cucina Giapponese e Fusion
Via G. Mameli 5 (Trastevere)
00153 Roma
- Italy
Tel: +39 06 5882060