Baglioni Hotel Regina


This historical shop opened in Rome in 1967, in Via dei Prefetti and has always been considered the Roman reign of shirt making.

The founder, Mr Piero Albertelli, the son of a shirt-maker from Piacenza, has taken tailoring for men to its highest level.

In a brief period of time, Albertelli became the favourite shirt-maker of the jet set and celebrities, including Luchino Visconti and his entourage.

In 2006 the Albertelli brand merged with FG, which was created from the imagination and initiative of Domenico D’Angelo, an expert connoisseur of fabrics.

FG, the acronym of Flanella Grigia is one of the most important brands for the creation of tailored suits of great quality and elegance. Maintaining Piero Albertelli’s spirit and style, it carries out the tradition of this talented Italian craftsman.
Via dei Prefetti, 11
00186 Roma – Italia
Tel. +39 06 6873793