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Lou Lou

Located in Via dei Marsi, in the San Lorenzo zone in RomeLou Lou is a concept store where you can find fashion, design and art.

It proposes niche brands, carefully selected by the owner Annalisa Pace, ranging from clothes to accessories, underwear, bags and shoes, jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes, and decoration items.

Here you can find the creations by such brands and fashion designers as: Lemuria, Indress, Alessandra Marchi, Lost&Found, Il Sistema degli Oggetti, Sara Lenzi, Gaia & Gino, Chantal Thomas and Laura Urbinati lingerie, handmade shoes by Guidi, hats and handmade shoes by Reinhard Plank, or silver filigree jewellery and stones by Yvonne Christa.

In addition you may find ambient perfumes by Laura Tonatto, perfumes by Robert Piguet, and the exclusive detergents The Laundress or Fatboy armchairs.

Each article represents a part of costume and design history.

Lou Lou
Via dei Marsi 20/22
Tel. +39 06 4451916