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Polvere di Tempo

Located in Rome in Via del Moro, in the Trastevere area, Polvere di Tempo is a truly original handicraft shop where time seems to have stopped.

At first glance through the window you might think of an antique shop, with such objects as: sundials, hourglasses and measuring instruments. However, once you have entered , you are welcomed by the owner Adrien Rodriguez, who will be busy creating one of these curious objects.

An architect that became craftsman following his passion, Adrien Rodriguez is a true maestro in the creation of solar clocks, but his ability also covers the creation and binding of leather notebooks and desk articles which seem to belong to distant eras.

He has been carrying out this art for 20 years, realizing compasses, hourglasses, globes, wax seals and thermometers.

Among the most curious objects, you can find numbered candles which measure the time that passes up to 12 hours, and hourglasses made from light bulbs.

Polvere di Tempo
Via del Moro, 59
00153 Roma – Italia
Tel. +39 06 5880704