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Stibbert Museum

Laid out inside the 19th Century villa of Parco Stibbert, the Stibbert Museum is a rare example of a house-museum, where each room has been purposely set out to evoke the atmosphere, places and historical periods of the displayed works of art.

Frederick Stibbert, a wealthy Anglo-Italian financier who lived in Florence and who was always fascinated by applied arts from all over the world, gathered throughout his life a remarkable collection which is still displayed in the museum.

Amongst the most interesting sections of the museum, we can find rooms dedicated to armour and the Sala della Cavalcata (the Riding Room), where life-size European and Islamic knights are exhibited.

The Japanese collection is also remarkable as it is the biggest in the world outside Japan, with katana swords and spectacular armour which belonged to the last samurai and were bought at the end of the 19th Century.

The Stibbert Museum also includes important paintings by Luca Giordano, Alessandro Allori, Pieter Brueghel the Young, Neri di Bicci and Pietro Lorenzetti.

Nowadays, the museum includes more than 60 rooms and it gathers, together with the royal apartment of the Stibbert family, more than 50,000 items from the end of the 15th Century until the end of the first empire.

Among the prestigious collections, the antique furnishing also has a place of honour, including several chests from the 15th Century, windows and tables from the 18th Century and a prestigious malachite table. We would also like to recommend the leather tapestries which can be considered as an original characteristic of the villa.

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