Relais Santa Croce

Enoteca Vinarius

Enoteca Vinarius, in Florence’s Santa Croce area, has an exhaustive selection of Tuscan food and wine.

The attentive staff assist visitors in selecting and sampling wine, cheese, salami and cold cuts.

The wine shop also stocks a variety of handmade pastas, sauces, preserves, truffle-based delicacies, honey, extra-virgin oils, vinegar, spirits and much more.

For a tasty snack why not try the superb sandwiches, cheese and cold-cut platters, fresh salads with pecorino cheese, walnuts, mint, buffalo mozzarella and herb-marinated olives or even traditional pasta dishes, such as pappardelle with hare or wild boar sauce.

The owner, Gabriella Canfora, organizes frequent oil and wine tasting courses and themed evenings for experimenting new and unusual combinations.

Enoteca Vinarius
Via Borgo di Santa Croce, 15r
50125 Florence – Italy
Tel. +39 055 52001216