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Fillet of Scorpion at Lambic Beer, with Summer Chicory and Caviar Framboise

Ingredients (One portion)

170 gr clean and barbed scorpion fish fillet
120 gr Summer Chicory
40 cl Beer lambic (GOOZE bone)
100 gr Raspberry Juice
2 gr agar agar
60 gr Rice Flour
80 GR clarified butter
1 sprig fresh marjoram

To taste garlic
To taste oil e.v.o
To taste salt up


For the Caviar framboise, pour 1lt of sunflower seed oil inside a tight and tall container and let it rest for about 2 hours in the freezer. Once the oil is cooled, pour in a saucepan the raspberry juice and bring to 80 °. Add the agar agar by mixing with a whisk. With the help of a syringe or dropper, drop the same size of the caviar on the inside of the cold oil and let the balls rest for about 6 minutes. Once the balls are resting, drain them from the oil and SCIACCQUARE in cold water.
Bring on the heat a frying pan, add 50 grams of clarified butter, once warm, lay first on the side of the meat the fillet of scorpion previously passed in the rice flour then, finish the cooking on the side of the skin. Salt the fish and once you have reached the desired browning, remove the fillet from the heat and take it into a dish. Drain the fat part remaining in the pan and add the beer. Withdraw the beer about half of its volume, readapt the Fillet of the scorpion, add the sprig of marjoram and finally, bind and emulsify the sauce with 1 cube of clarified butter. Take the chicory, wash it thoroughly, cut it into strips and sauté it in a pan with oil and garlic in a shirt. Once sauteed and salted chicory, in the middle of a plate, divide the fillet of scorpion into 2 lozenges, place them in a staggered way over the chicory, veil the fish with the sauce and add randomly both on the fillet and in the dish the caviar of framboise. Garnish the dish with marjoram oil and a few petals of edible flowers.