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An intense taste experience

Baglioni Gourmet

A new, irresistible, intense taste experience: an extremely high-profile Gourmet offer combined with the best of regional traditions.

It is well-known that the gastronomic aspect forms an integral part of the discovery of a destination and its culture. We have therefore selected the best restaurants, or the most original ones, in every city so that you can enjoy a constant taste experience: from the hotel to local flavour.
During your stay, you will have the opportunity of sampling the Mediterranean specialities of the various Brunello Bar and Restaurant, veritable workshops of high culinary creativity, or try the typical dishes of the other restaurants of the Baglioni Hotels.

In order to experience this refined taste experimentation, simply contact your chosen hotel giving the dates of your stay. By booking the Gourmet package, everything will be organised directly by the Concierge down to the last detail.

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