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constance2Constance Hotels & Resorts
Far from the idea of a “hotel chain”, Constance Hotels & Resorts share with us the epitome of a customized approach and passion for hospitality, providing unforgettable stay and unique experiences to our guests.
To celebrate the launch of this new partnership, Baglioni Hotels and Constance Hotels & Resorts are delighted to offer special benefits to reciprocal loyal guests.




Victoria & Albert Museum
Thanks to the new membership with the Victoria and Albert Museum, Baglioni Hotel’s guests in London can book three different packages, including complimentary tickets for three amazing exhibitions at the V&A:
The Glamour of Italian Fashion 1945 – 2014 (5 Apr – 27 Jul 2014)
Wedding Dresses 1775 – 2014 (3 May 2014 – 15 Mar 2015)
Constable: The Making of a Master (20 Sep 2014 – 11 Jan 2015)


For the design and constant renewal of Baglioni Hotels, we rely on the advice of experienced architects and designers who, in close collaboration with the Polito Family, implement ad hoc projects in line with the Baglioni Hotels style. One of our key partners is the Rebosio+Spagnulo Design studio, based in Milan, born of the professional experience of architects Igor Rebosio and Federico Spagnulo. Attention to detail and a constant tension between modernity and tradition, typical of the Italian approach to interior design, characterises the studio’s projects.


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